Winter Lawn Tips from Scotts

Limit lawn traffic. Grass goes dormant for winter in all but the warmest regions. Protect resting grass plant crowns by limiting foot traffic. Avoid parking vehicles on lawns in winter.

Melt ice carefully. Choose ice melt products that are designed to be used around the lawn. Rock salt (sodium chloride) can damage plant roots when used excessively, but Scotts® Ice Melt contains calcium chloride, which gets the job done with less product so there is less chance of causing harm to your lawn or hardscapes.

Make plans. Consider any lawn problems of the past year and come up with solutions you can tackle in the coming year. Sharpen mower blades so they’re ready to go in spring. Schedule lawn feedings by creating reminders on your phone or calendar, or make it all easy by downloading the Scotts® My Lawn app, which gives customized recommendations on how and when to care for your lawn.

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