Employment Opportunities

To accomplish its mission, EBS will “hire only the most knowledgeable and enthusiastic employees” and “provide training opportunities for all employees to encourage their maximum potential professional development.”

The owners and management of EBS strive to have it be a satisfying place to work for persons who like to do a job well, to be challenged, and who enjoy being members of a high performance team. This philosophy has created opportunities for achievement-oriented people to assume increased responsibilities leading to higher earning opportunities.

EBS intends to provide opportunities for its employees to earn more and to have higher benefits than in like companies in the area. This does not mean that employees will necessarily earn more per hour at EBS; it means that the opportunity to earn more per year at EBS is greater than in any like company in eastern Maine due to its widespread incentive and benefit programs. Our basic philosophy is to provide recognition, opportunity and job satisfaction for deserving employees.

EBS is seeking neat appearing individuals interested in serving our customers. A basic knowledge of building materials is desirable. EBS offers an hourly rate based on experience, a comprehensive benefits package, and the privilege of buying materials at or only slightly above cost.

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