Stoves and Heaters

If you’re looking for alternative heating methods, EBS has what you need. Heating oil and propane have risen in price over the last five years and many people are installing a supplementary alternative-heating source in their homes to keep the temperature up and the costs down. EBS has stoves and heaters fueled by coal, wood pellets, bio-bricks, and electricity. If you’re looking for better ways to heat your home this winter, stop by an EBS store near you and let us help you make the change.

Types of Alternative Heaters

Electric Heater

Electric Heaters

These heaters work by utilizing generally-cheaper electricity costs to heat spaces in your home. By running electricity through a resistant wire, the electric energy is converted into heat energy and dispersed throughout the space it’s in. Electric heaters do not require venting like gas or wood stoves do. It is also important to note that all heaters pose a fire risk, but can be negated by taking proper safety precautions.

Gas Heater

Gas Heaters

Gas heaters fall into two categories: vented or unvented. With both types, the gas flame is used to heat a structure crafted out of a material designed to radiate the heat out into whatever space it is in. Vented heaters are permanently placed with a system designed to extract all emissions from the heater and vent them elsewhere. This design is far safer for indoor usage.

Wood Stove

Woodstoves and Furnaces

Woodstoves are rising in popularity in recent decades, in part due to the improvements in the ease of fueling and also from the invention more efficient pellet stoves. Woodstoves and pellet stoves use renewable sources of energy and there have even been great improvements in lowering the harmful emissions. Modern Wood stoves are more efficient and add greater levels of comfort to a space than their outdated counterparts. They’re a great way to heat up any space.

Fuels We Carry



Pellets are a biomass fuel made from many different natural sources, the most common of which being wood. Pellets are small, dense, and uniform in size, producing an impressive amount of heat per pound. Pellets are also an exceedingly clean fuel source, releasing very little emissions when burned, with higher end pellets releasing almost none.

Bio Bricks


Bio-bricks are very similar to word pellets, just made to a larger scale. These pressed briquettes can make a more efficient alternative to normal firewood, burning longer and putting of more heat while being cleaner and easier to store. If it’s efficiency you’re after, consider fueling your fireplace or woodstove with bio bricks instead of messy firewood. The Bio Bricks EBS stocks are also made right here in Maine!



Coal has been growing in popularity since its low point in 2006. Coal costs roughly the same per BTU as wood, but doesn’t have to be cut, split, stacked, or seasoned before burning. A lot of people have begun to use a coal-burning stove as a supplementary heat source for our notorious Maine winters. Coal is efficient, inexpensive, and easier than wood, making it a great alternative fuel source.

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