Windows do far more than let natural light into a space. The right window will save energy, money, and provide ventilation and protection for your home. The correct window will also enhance your homes architectural style both inside and out. With the EBS window team and our expertise with Marvin windows, there’s no window project that we can’t find the perfect fit for. Stop by our EBS Marvin Windows showrooms and let our window experts help choose the perfect windows for your home, lifestyle, and budget.

Installation Types

New Construction – When building a new home or constructing a new addition, a full window and frame will be used and installed directly to the exposed studs. This type of window installation is also used when the old frame of an existing window needs replacement as well.

Replacement / Insert – Replacement windows are measured to fit an existing window opening and will replace only the window itself. With this method, the surrounding wall does not need to be dismantled. Using replacement windows can save time and labor costs.

Types of Windows

Double Hung

Double Hung windows always have a classic style about them. They have two moveable sashes that slide up and down to open or close the window. Double Hung windows tend to be popular with traditional architecture, but with the limitless customization options, this style will be “at home” in anyone’s home.


A casement window is hinged on one side to allow it to open outward (or sometimes inward) with a hand crank. Casement windows are easy to operate, easy to clean, and are often found in more modern and contemporary styled homes.

Bay and Bow

Bay and Bow windows bring elegance and stunning vistas right into your home. Bay windows traditionally have straight lines and sharp edges where bow windows are windows joined by a gentle curve, both serve the same purpose to add drama to a room with their stunning appearances. Both styles create the perfect space for a reading nook or window display.

awning windows

Awning / Hopper

Awning windows are hinged at the top where hopper windows are hinged at the bottom. Both allow for easy opening with a hand crank or push-out mechanisms. These windows are sleek and simple, and still able to aid in home air flow and ventilation.

specialty windows


Some spaces just don’t lend themselves to classic designs. Lucky for the consumer, today’s manufacturers can create custom windows in almost any size or shape you need. Ask an EBS window specialist about all the possibilities specialty windows have to offer.

glider windows


Glider windows have their sash positioned horizontally and allow for easy open convenience by sliding open or close. These windows are easy to operate and offer great ventilation for your home.

tilt and turn windows

Tilt & Turn

The Marvin Tilt Turn window is a European style window with two distinct functions: swing it in like a door or tilt the top of the sash for ventilation. One handle controls both operations.


Wood – Solid hardwood is elegant and durable. EBS can secure a wide variety of hardwoods for your windows, such as cherry, douglas fir, mahogany, white oak, pine, western red cedar, black walnut, maple, and more.

Clad – Aluminum cladding is low-maintenance and a beautiful exterior finish for your window’s frame. Add on commercial-grade paint for superior resistance to fading and chalking, aluminum cladding can bring stunning, lasting colors to your home that natural hardwoods can’t achieve.

Pulltruded Fiberglass – Pulltruded Fiberglass is strong, stable, and virtually indestructible. This modern fiberglass is more resistant to temperature driven expansion or contraction than almost every other building material and has useful life expectancy that is 38% longer than vinyl.

Features and Accessories

Glass/Glazes – When deciding on the type of glass for use in your home’s new windows, it’s important to consider the climate you live in. Homes exposed to more extreme weather conditions may require extra-insulation properties and those in coastal areas may want to consider asking about impact resistant tempered glass as well.

Divided Lite – Many manufacturers can craft your windows with different functional and/or decorative lite separation options. Some divided lite grills can be detachable for easy cleaning of the window as well.

Colors and Finishes – For hardwood windows there are many stain options to choose from, both inside and out. For clad windows, ask about the multitude of color finishes that be applied to the cladding of your new windows to find the color that fits your home the best.

Windows Treatments – Blind, shades, and shutters are all excellent ways to spice up the interior of your window and home. For more information, visit EBS’s Blinds, Shades, and Shutters page.

Hardware – Sash locks, casement cranks, lifts, push-out handles all come in many sleek and stylish finishes. Try matching your window’s hardware to other finishes in your home to achieve a cohesive, unified design for your space.

How to Find the Right Windows for Your Home

With seemingly endless options available, the selection can be overwhelming. The simplest, quickest, and easiest method to secure new windows for your home or business is to visit one of EBS’s many Marvin Windows and Doors showrooms. There, our experts can guide you through the process, using their more than 100 years of combined expertise in the window business, to find the perfect windows for you. They’ll also be sure to explain all the services that EBS can offer you, from visual plan creations to free delivery of the product, the experts will ensure the process is the smoothest it can be. Unlike our competitors, in addition to the normal blueprints, EBS also creates more in-depth drawing about each window’s specifications to ensure the installation goes smoothly, at no extra charge. You won’t find better knowledge, service, or expertise anywhere else throughout coastal Maine.

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