Interior Doors

Whether you’re reinventing your home’s style or building brand new, it’s important not to overlook the importance of interior doors. Interior doors do more than hide clutter, control sound, and provide privacy. The right doors can enhance your unique style throughout your home without sacrificing any of the function that comes with them. Adding exciting interior doors to your home is the easiest way to bring aesthetic appeal into it. EBS offers a fine selection of interior door designs and styles for you to bring into your home, ensuring that we have the right door to compliment your home’s unique feel.

Types of Exterior Doors

All-Panel and Flush

All-panel doors are the most common of interior doors, but that doesn’t mean their style has gone stale. Flush doors are smooth on both sides and are used mostly in contemporary designs, where all-panel doors are made of panels recessed into the frame of the door and go nicely with traditional architecture and styles. Because both of these doors are solid, providing maximum privacy, they are both commonly used as bedroom or bathroom doors.

Glass Panel

Glass panel interior doors are also known as interior French doors. One of the major benefits to these doors is that they allow lots of light to be shared between rooms in your home, while still defining separate spaces from one another. Glass panel doors are often used as entrances to conservatories, sunrooms, or family rooms.


In some spaces, a swinging door is just not viable. Pocket doors are the solution when your room is tight on space. These sliding in-wall doors still provide as much privacy as you need, but use far less space than their classic in or out-swing counterparts.


Louver is the term for a door with horizontal slats that are angled to block direct vision, but also let light and air flow freely through it. Because of this, this style door is popular when ventilation is desired, with out giving up the option of hiding unsightly spaces from visitors. Rooms like pantries or laundry rooms are especially good places for louvered doors.


Solid Hardwood – Solid hardwood is one of the most elegant materials you can use for a door. Hardwood doors come in all sorts of styles, solid panel, glass panel, bi-fold, and louvered. They can be stained and finished to fit with nearly any interior décor you could imagine.

MDF – This engineered wood material offers detail and craftsmanship on par with solid hardwoods, but can be more budget friendly. MDF also resists warping or splitting. Engineered doors are lighter than solid hardwood doors, but the preferred weight of interior doors is a personal choice, unique to everyone.

Hollow Core – Hollow core doors are almost always the most budget-friendly option. These doors are formed by placing finished face boards of on either sides of a honeycomb or grid interior. These doors offer privacy at a fraction of the price of others.

How to Choose the Right Interior Doors

When selecting an interior door, creativity and design instinct can have more sway on the decision than an exterior door. There are still other considerations to take in for the final decision, but for interior doors, its usually style, design, and budget. The sales people at EBS can help you decide on the other factors such as ventilation, light, and noise dampening capabilities. In our stores you can also find samples of some of the possible options available to you and get a feel for them in person.

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