Exterior Doors

The first thing new guests to your home will see is your entry door, so it’s important to make it stunning. The first line of security for your home is your front door, so it’s important to make sure it’s safe. EBS can help make sure your new door fulfills both those requirements with a wide selection of exterior doors and our excellent customer service. Of course, exterior doors encompass more than just an elegant front entry. From French patio doors, to steel bulk heads and everything in between, EBS has the selection and the know how to find exactly the door you’re looking for.

Types of Exterior Doors

External Entry Doors


An entry door is the often a visitor’s first impression of your home. A beautiful door will help your home make great, lasting first impressions and add to its curb appeal, not to mention raise the property value. All these factors means it’s important when looking for a new entry door to choose one that enhances your home and meshes best with its architecture.

External Storm and Screen Doors

Storm and Screen

Storm doors are an added layer of weatherproofing for your home. They help to seal drafts, and increase energy efficiency. Screen doors are a nice way to open up interior spaces to natural light and fresh air, without inviting bugs and other pests into your home as well.

External Patio Doors


Patio doors tend to be made up of large panels of glass framed by a solid door material, like wood, fiberglass, or vinyl. The naturally allow views of the outdoors and let in desirable natural light. Patio doors tend to be a focal point both inside and outside of your home. Because of this, selecting the combinations of the right glass, material, and design is important to get the most beauty out of your door.

External Glass Panel and French Doors

Glass Panel / French

French doors and patio doors tend to be mixed up because of their multiple similarities. French doors, however, almost always have glass panels extending the entire length of the door, with a framing material just around the border of it. French doors tend to lend a more traditional feel to the doorway and are almost always comprised of matching double doors that swing either in or out depending on the space.

External Cellar Doors


Cellar doors, sometimes called bulkhead doors, refer to the heavy, rugged doors that lead directly from a cellar up to the outside. Cellar doors need to be able to stand up to the elements because of their exposed locations. A new development in cellar doors is the ClamDoor, made completely of fiberglass and built with sailing technology, if you’re looking for a modern take on a cellar door, the ClamDoor might be what you’re looking for.


Wood – Hardwood is the classic door material and is still very much in style. Wood has the unique ability to add hand-crafted details into the material itself without compromising its endurance. From domestic to exotic, the wide variety of hardwoods available means you can certainly find the one you want. Though the technology to improve wood’s weather-resistant capabilities has come a long way, it’s still recommended to avoid exposing a wooden door to the elements anymore than necessary.

Fiberglass – Fiberglass exterior doors have risen in popularity dramatically in the last decade or two. For those desiring extreme durability, fiberglass is a top-tier contender. Fiberglass doors will not warp, rot, split, or crack, and require little to no maintenance throughout their lifetime. Fiberglass is energy-efficient and can be finished in a wood grain as well as an unlimited number of paints and stains.

Steel – When security and durability are the prime criteria for your project, a steel door might be what you’re looking for. Exterior steel doors are treated specifically to resist rusting. They require very little upkeep and are extremely energy efficient. Steel doors can be painted any color and can withstand years of exposure to extreme weather.

How to Choose the Right Door

Finding the right exterior door is less simple than just picking the door that fits your personal style. There are many questions that have to answered and decisions that have to be made along the way to finding the right door. At EBS, our helpful and knowledgeable staff can help you through the journey. They’ve got the know how to make everything go smoothly. If you’re looking to buy a new door, come into EBS and let our experts answer all of your questions.

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