Painting Accessories

Once you’ve decided on a color and a finish for your project, the next step is making sure it gets applied as quickly, cleanly, and easily as possible. That’s where our painting accessories selection comes into to play. Good preparation and easy application is the key to your satisfaction. If you’re unsure of how to get started, any of our helpful staff can guide you through applying the perfect paint job. From surface preparation and repair, to brushes and rollers, Hammond | EBS has the products and the experts to help get the most out of your projects.

Types of Accessories



Sandpaper is heavy-duty paper coated in abrasive particles. The abrasiveness, or grit, or the paper ranges from extremely coarse, for quick removal, to ultra fine, for gentle touch ups and finishing. It is used to remove unwanted materials, to smooth a surface, or to roughen a surface before painting or gluing.


Spackles and Wood Fillers

Spackle and wood putty are both materials used for filling holes and cracks in surfaces. Spackle is usually bought pre-mixed as a paste and can be used to fills holes and gaps in a surface. Spackle is often prone to shrinking, so for the best outcome and holes should be over filled and then sanded down after drying. Putty can also be used to fill holes and doesn’t shrink, but the doughy texture can make it difficult to sand. The different uses between these two is mostly up to personal preference.



Latex caulk is the popular choice for most interior applications, such as caulking around trim before painting. Latex caulk can be painted and applied to almost any surface. Silicone caulk is usually applied in high-moisture areas like around tubs and showers because it adheres well and resists molding. Silicone caulk works best on non-porous surfaces, is long lasting, and better suited for gaps that contract or expand than latex caulk.

painting tape


Easy-off painters tape can be used to protect surface and to create crisp, perfectly straight paint lines. Common application include: along baseboards, window trim, wall or ceiling edges, and/or around fixtures.

drop cloth

Drops Cloths

Painters tarps can be either thick, reusable canvas, or thin, disposable plastic. Canvas cloths are heavier and stay in place without the need of anchoring better than plastic ones, but plastic can be more appealing if you’re painting on a budget.

surface preparation

Surface Preparation

Regardless of whether the surface you’re finishing is old or new, proper surface preparation can make the difference between a good looking job and a great looking job. Using the preparation tools and knowledge EBS has to offer, the finished result of your project is sure to please.

safety equipment

Safety Equipment

Paint goggles protect the eyes from splatter and overspray. Dust masks guard against airborne particles. Respirators protect the lungs against gasses and vapors. These all may not be necessary for every project, but when they are, we have what you need.

Types of Applicators



Brushes are the original painter’s tool. Ideal for edge work or “cutting in”, brushes allow for the precision necessary to get the crispest look around edges and fixtures. EBS stocks brushes of all shapes and sizes and in soft, firm, extra-firm, synthetic and natural bristles.



Using a roller on large, flat surfaces can cut the project time down by hours. To pick the type of roller head, remember that deeper naps are needed to get good coverage on rough surfaces. Once you’ve decided, EBS has the rest of the tools you’ll need to get your project rolling.

Types of Ladders


Stepladders are the most popular style of ladders used for medium and low heights. Available in fiberglass or aluminum, stepladders come with multifunctional tops, and have varying numbers of steps.

Extension Ladders

These ladders are used to reach rooftops, high-ceilinged rooms and other hard-to-reach places. Again, these ladders come in aluminum and fiberglass with a variety of heights and load-capacities.

Household Ladders

Commonly called step stools, these household ladders offer convenience with easy portability and storage. Step stools are the easy fix for inside projects that require a bit extra height for optimum performance.

Ladder Accessories

Ladders can help you reach difficult places, but without your supplies being up there with you, there’s little point to it. With platforms, trays, shelves, and hanger accessories, you can be sure to increase the efficiency and ease with which those “difficult” places get painted.

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