Updating your cabinets is a must for any kitchen or bath renovation. The right cabinets can show off beautiful tableware or hide away the more mundane kitchen necessities. New cabinets can showcase superb style or emphasize simple elegance. Hammond | EBS offers an exceptional array of cabinet materials, styles, designs, and brands to make sure we can give you what you’re looking for. We even have Kitchen and Bath design specialists on hand to assist you in your search.


Cabinet material alder


Alder is softer than the other hardwoods and has a fine grain pattern. Alder’s color can range from a rosey-brown to a lighter tan. Alder is well known for its rustic characteristics and commonly has open or closed knots, burls, and mineral streaks if desired, giving it a well-loved look, even if it’s brand new. These characteristics occur naturally in Alder Wood and make it desirable for any kitchen going for a bucolic feel.

Cabinet material Birch


Birch is a smooth hardwood that ranges from a light reddish-brown to almost white. The grain of birch is generally straight, but can sometimes have a mild wavy appearance with a fine, even texture. Because of this, birch is very uniform in appearance and naturally bright, making it the best pick to brighten up any room without drawing too much attention.

Cabinet material Cherry


Cherry is sought after for its natural red tones. When freshly cut this wood is light pinkish-brown in color and darkens with time and sun exposure to a medium reddish-brown. Cherry is durable, easy to work, and has a unique red color making it one of the most popular woods for anything from cabinetry to furniture.

Cabinet material Hickory


Hickory is one of the hardest common woods available. This wood is great for designs that require structural integrity that have room for flair. The dramatic color variation and bold grain common in hickory means this wood is never a dull pick.

Cabinet material Maple


Maple is a rare case in hardwoods where the sapwood is most commonly used rather than the heartwood. The color ranges from almost white to a cream color, sometimes with a red or golden hue. The grain in maple is generally straight with a fine even texture. Maple can be used in styles ranging from colonial to contemporary depending on the piece and the finish applied, making maple an extremely versatile wood.

Cabinet material Oak


Oak is the most widely used hardwood. This wood’s color ranges from medium brown to nearly white. The grain is straight and course with an uneven texture. Oak is nearly everywhere in the United States. It’s hard, strong, and moderately priced making it a safe choice for any design. Oak is so popular, that most engineered materials are printed to mimic oak, but none of them can beat the beauty of the real thing.

Cabinet material MDF


For those on a budget, particle core cabinetry, otherwise known as MDF or engineered wood cabinetry can be a more comfortable alternative to natural hardwoods. The discrepancy in price has gone down with improvements in the availability of most of the common hardwoods, but there is still a gap in price between natural and particle core cabinets. For those not wanting to sacrifice style can ask our designers how to combine MDF with natural wood in one design to lower the cost without sacrificing style.

Selecting the Best Countertops for You

The most difficult and most important choice you can make is the material you’ll use. Pretty much any surface you pick will have the flexibility to enhance any kitchen or bath design you may have in mind. If nothing jumps out at you at first glance, come in to one of our EBS showrooms and let our specialists assist you in your search. They can help you decide what would suit your design best, based on durability, design, budget, and performance expectations. If you want to be able to see and get a feel for all of the options in person, visit one of our Style Solutions Kitchen, Batch and Flooring design centers in Bar Harbor, Belfast, Blue Hill, Calais, Camden, Ellsworth, Machias, and Rockland!

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