Kitchen and Bath Hardware

Cabinet knobs, towel holders, and drawer pulls can be thought of as “jewelry” for your kitchen or bath. While adding necessary functionality to any space, they also bring variety and personality to a room. There are endless options, styles, and themes to pick from when it comes to picking your kitchen and bath hardware, so come in to a Kitchen and Bath Style Solutions showroom and see all the beautiful options we have for you.

Types of Kitchen and Bath Hardware

Cabinet knobs

Cabinet and Drawer Knobs

The classic hardware for cabinets, knobs are unobtrusive, usually requiring only a single screw hole for installation, but can add a welcome flair to a room. Knobs are simple but effective and come in countless sizes, materials, finishes, and styles.

cabinet handles

Cabinet and Drawer Pulls

The term “Pulls” covers everything from handles, to cup pulls, to finger pulls and more. Pulls tend to have more substance to them than knobs, meaning pulls offer a larger area to show off your style with, without sacrificing any functionality. In fact, pulls tend to be easier to use than small knobs for those with less dexterity in their hands and fingers.

Bathroom accessories

Bath Accessories

Coordinate your style throughout the entirety of your bath hardware with matching towel bars or rings, robe hooks, or tissue holders. When crafting your new bath, you shouldn’t have to settle, and with our selection, you won’t have to.


Brass – Brass is a classic material, with good reason. Its elegant appearance and the wide variety of modern finishes mean brass is still one of the most popular choices.

Bronze – With its variable finishes, bronze fits exceptionally well in styles from rustic to traditional. A versatile pick, bronze is almost never a bad choice.

Chrome – Chrome is popular for rooms going for a sleek look. This pick has fewer finishes than others, but it’s hard to match the sheen of polished chrome.

Iron – Forged or Wrought Iron hardware is sure to give any space an authentic, rustic feel. Iron is perfect for those desiring more “rough” looking accents.

Nickel – Nickel is popular for its silver color, without the flashiness of chrome. Satin nickel is usually preferred for its softer appearance than that of chrome.

Porcelain, Crystal, Glass – These materials give any space a traditional look, and though these options don’t have different finishes available, they are highly customizable in their own right.

Steel – Stainless steel hardware is popular in homes going for a contemporary or modern aesthetic because of its clean and sleek design.


Finishes protect the product while adding an extra layer of sophistication to them. The sheer amount of different finishes available has increased dramatically in recent years because of innovative technology and demand by customers. The selection is so large that we can’t possibly hope to display them all here. To see all of the exciting options, visit an EBS Style Solutions showroom.

Selecting the Right Hardware for You

When picking your hardware, make sure to keep your room’s design in mind. You’ll want to make sure the hardware you’re picking meshes well with the design you’ve decided upon. Kitchen and Bath Hardware works best to emphasize and to accentuate the style of a room.

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