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By purchasing blinds, shades, or shutters from Hammond | EBS you can easily coordinate the window treatments with other more permanent style enhancements for your space as well. New window treatments are not only fashionable, but also improve energy efficiency. They’re beautiful and functional. New blinds, shades, and shutters are designed to get the most out of your home’s natural lighting. With modern treatments and operation options, too much and too little natural light become pains of the past. For people striving to be more eco-friendly, most of the suppliers Hammond | EBS uses also have many natural material options.

Types of Window Treatments

Vertical Blinds - EBS Design Center

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are well suited for wide window expanses or large pane glass doors. Available in hundreds or materials or fabrics, vertical blinds can fit seamlessly into a modern interior or into an elegant traditional setting.

Venetian Blinds - EBS Design Center

Horizontal / Venetian Blinds

Horizontal blinds are an extremely popular choice. Made from slats of a hard material, like hardwood, metal, or plastic, the slats lay horizontal to the ground and can be opened and closed to control the amount of light let in.

Window shades - EBS Design Center


There are many types of shades, roman shades, roller shades, the natural woven-wood shade, or the energy-efficient honeycomb design shade. It’s easy to customize your shade for your home simply by picking one or many of the available color and fabrics.

Window sheers - EBS Design Center


Sheers provide privacy and light diffusion. Different options are available for opacities to make sure your room has the light control and UV protection you want.

Window shutters - EBS Design Center


Shutters are an easy and stylish way to bring the country look into your home. Choose from natural hardwoods or from modern-day materials and pick a style that will suit the look you’re going for. Any country or plantation style wouldn’t be complete without these traditional window coverings.

Choosing Your Window Treaments

At Hammond | EBS we carry some of the finest brands in window treatment and décor. Speak to one of our designers in our Style Solutions Showrooms to get the complete look at all the options available to our customers. If you have questions of what style to use or what material to choose, our helpful staff can offer you solutions and help you find the perfect window treatment for your space.

Once you’ve picked out the ideal treatments for your windows, it’s quite possible that the windows themselves will begin to look a little shabby in comparison. If that’s the case, why not let Hammond | EBS help you decide on new, energy efficient and long lasting windows from Marvin Windows and Doors? If you’re thinking of replacing any windows in your home, head on over to our Windows page and read up on ideas and information on what to do next.

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