Now through the end of October, Purchase Two (2) Tons or More of Any Brand Pellet and Receive $10 Off Per Ton!”

At EBS from now until the end of October, when you purchase two (2) tons or more of any brand of our pellet fuel, receive $10.00 off per ton. This offer is available with tailgate delivery only. Pellets must be stored in a low moisture environment. Once the outer wrapper is opened, the pellets must be moved inside. In addition, be sure to store bags without direct contact with basement floor or ground.


.32% ash
5.55% moisture
8028 btu/lb
Avg. diameter .254 inch
.78% fines
50 bags per unit
40# per bag


Updated 02/14/2017


. 29% ash
4.84% moisture
8618 btu/lb
Avg. diameter .248 inch
. 24% fines
50 bags per unit
40# per bag


Updated 2/14/17

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